S V B & M

We see beauty in everything that people see as useless or old fashioned...We believe in the beauty of each of our pieces. Here we offer you a variety of new and second-hand parts in good condition ready for a second chance.

Fashion is temporary but style and attitude 

YOU WEAR IT đź‘ đź‘—đź’„đź’Ť

About Us

Tahis Vazquez


Welcome to my website.

I will tell you a little about my story some time ago looking for entrepreneurial ideas in my search I found several boxes of clothes thrown in the garbage at that time I was indecisive but I decided to take them to verify them and wash them since then I decided to choose the sustainable fashion area in addition to contributing something to protect our environment since I have always personally liked buying second-hand for my personal use because I SEE BEAUTY IN EVERYTHING THAT PEOPLE SEE AS ​​OLD-FASHIONED OR THAT SIMPLY SEE IT AS A USELESS PIECE...